Nutritional response testing (NRT) focuses on how the surface of our bodies can tell us about the function of our organs and internal body parts. While the evidence behind Nutritional Response Testing is largely debated, practitioners of NRT use neurological reflexes to diagnose and provide therapy for their patients. Dr. Freddie Ulan created NRT in 1991. He was sick and blamed his illness on the toxins and preservatives in his diet.

Dr. Ulan claimed to have recovered in large part because he eliminated preservatives, junk food, and harmful ingredients from his diet. He recorded his own findings and developed NRT to help his patients. He continues to promote the benefits of Nutrition Response Testing treatment, and he owns a clinic in Florida.

Unlike most evidence based Western Medicine, Nutrition Response Testing uses a diet plan called “Designed Clinical Nutrition” to lessen the painful symptoms of chronic illnesses. Practitioners will design a diet for you that’s high in the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins you need to help your body help itself. The idea is simple. If you give your body the food it needs to operate most efficiently, then this will boost the body’s immune system and promote healing. Designed clinical nutrition is the framework on which Nutritional Response Testing rests.

NRT uses natural food to provide much needed nutrients and minerals. You may be given a pill or a powder to mix in water, but these are only made from natural whole foods. If you need vitamin A, you’ll receive a medicine made out of carrots, a food that is known to contain high levels of what you need.

Nutritional response testing isn’t for people who struggle with diets. This treatment requires a lot of discipline. You must control what you eat and drink to ensure that your diet is helping, not hindering your body’s ability to heal.

Can you find nutritional response testing treatment in Miami?

Yep! Miami is home to many high-quality nutritionists.  It’s not difficult to find a holistic nutritionist in Miami who offers nutrition consulting services, nutritional supplementation, and holistic healing. All you have to do is go online and search for a specialist. After you find a reputable clinic, schedule an appointment and request a nutritional response testing diagnosis.

You’ve been to South Beach, you know that nutrition and fitness matter. You know that there aren’t any shortcuts to getting in shape. You need to work. You need to sweat. You need to do everything in your power to boost your holistic health. Act now and get the results you want. Try nutritional response testing today, and help your body help itself.