Western medicine is skeptical about the effectiveness of Nutritional Response Testing (NRT). Patients swear that it works, but the additional scientific and medical support is needed to verify some of its claims. Those who practice western medicine take a different approach to medicine than those who practice NRT.

Western medicine and Nutritional Response Testing

There are stark differences between Western medicine and NRT. Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) focuses more on your holistic health and holistic healing than those who practice Western medicine. Western doctors rely on evidence based practices and testing, innovations in technology and pharmaceuticals for treatment.  Conversely, practitioners of traditional NRT uses all natural, whole food remedies to promote natural health and to help the body heal itself. The ideal patient for Nutritional Response Testing is an individual who seeks a more holistic path to healing.

NRT looks at the body as a unified connected unit. Medical doctors in the United States do too, but they spend more time testing and treating specific regions of the body. They use pharmaceuticals to change the level of hormones and chemicals and boost the body’s immune system.  However, Nutritional Response Testing specialists medicines of choice are prescribing an all natural food regime and supplementation.

Western medicine also is more reliant on advances in technology. They depend on the information they gather from x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. Those who practice NRT use physical examinations to test a patient’s neurological reflexes.  Then practitioners use this information to indirectly correlate the health of a patient’s internal organs.

Western medicine uses nutrition as a tool, but not as a primary form of treatment. Nutrition response testing relies heavily on nutrition to improve the body’s functioning. Those who follow NRT study the ways in which vitamins, minerals, and other natural remedies will make the body stronger. NRT uses food and supplementation to naturally augment the body’s healing process. NRT tries to find natural remedies, not manufactured ones.

Can you find nutritional response testing treatment in Miami?

Yes! It’s not hard to find a holistic nutritionist in Miami. Many clinics in the city offer nutrition consulting services. They promote the use of nutritional supplementation and holistic healing. On your first visit, they’ll provide you with a nutritional response testing diagnosis and may refer you to a nutritionist in Miami.

Nutritional response testing is a popular option for those interesting in improving their holistic health. In a few weeks, you can take back control of your health and use your own body, your own natural healing powers to ward off disease and to promote a healthy lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Give NRT a try. Find a clinic near you and see how NRT can help you feel better today.