Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive holistic health system for analyzing a person’s overall health to determine the causes of illness. It relies on muscle strength tests to interface with the body’s innate intelligence and evaluates the response to a range of substances that may affect health and bodily functions.

This is done by testing the body’s neurological reflexes, which are the body’s way of communicating what the nervous system is doing and its condition. The body responds to these tests in a consistent way, giving your holistic healing practitioner a reliable basis on which to make a diagnosis. While there is no clinical science or evidence based research behind this method, some patients swear by it.

How does Nutrition Response Testing differ from Western Medicine?

If you have ever received temporary or partial relief of symptoms, then you haven’t achieved holistic health through whole body healing. This is common in standardized healthcare. This is often because the public healthcare sector lacks financial resources due to poor management by government.  The services provided by private western and holistic healthcare practices are a response to this.

At our holistic practice in Miami, we utilize applied kinesiology. This highly reliable method of evaluation reveals the body’s needs for a return to good health. What differentiates Nutrition Response Testing from other treatment strategies is critical information is derived from the body itself- accessing its innate intelligence to find precise answers to health concerns.

Who is Nutrition Response Testing for?

Persons struggling with one or more health conditions which have progressed to chronic levels. Nutrition response testing treatment is appropriate for anyone who:

  •  has tried conventional medicine or alternative approaches without a meaningful improvement in health.
  •  lives with a condition that has had a negative impact in their life, relationships, job, finances, or overall well-being due to health issues.
  •  is afraid their health issues will worsen unless serious changes are made.
  •  is diagnosed with an intestinal condition, food sensitivities, autoimmune disease, eczema, allergies, heart conditions, or any chronic illness.

Nutrition Response Testing derives critical data about total body functionality through physical examinations and indirectly correlates them to autonomic responses. The word autonomic means actions the body makes involuntarily such as the pulse, intestinal contractions, vascular responses, flinching from pain, blinking, breathing, and so on.


These automated actions are critical for healthy functioning. When there is an imbalance or interference with these functions we experience allergies, high blood pressure, headaches, chronic pain, and the like. You might consider these symptoms to be like a “check engine light” warning you that something needs attention.

Nutritional Response Testing Diagnosis

The Nutrition Response Testing technique is painless, effective, personalized, and allows your holistic nutritionist in Miami to accurately determine what stands between you and good health. 

When undergoing Nutrition response testing treatment you will be checked for these five common stressors:

  1. Scars
  2. Food allergies/sensitivities
  3. Challenges to Immune System
  4. Chemical Challenges
  5. Metal Challenges

These stressors frequently prevent the body from healing properly or completely. Most people experience these stressors every day without realizing it. Have you ever failed to respond well to good treatment, or experienced an unexpected result to a perfectly good treatment? Has your health condition “plateaued” or improved and then worsened for no clear reason? These are indications that the body isn’t fully able to heal. Nutrition Response Testing, coupled with nutrition consulting services allow your Miami holistic nutritionist to test for these “stressors,” reveal and lessen their negative effects.

Then, certain organ reflexes, such as liver, heart, or bowel reactions will be tested along with glandular reflexes- like thyroid, prostate, and the adrenals. Once the priority reflex is ascertained, nutritional supplementation can be personalized and implemented to achieve lower pill counts for true holistic healing- sometimes called “whole body healing.”

Based on these determinations, we can recommend specific treatments and whole-food supplements, herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes. This is all accomplished with no pain. Your holistic health practitioner will press lightly on various reflex locations on the body which are associated with certain structures of the internal body, while at the same time checking for responses from one of the major muscle groups.

What results is a personalized wellness program which can address your particular imbalances and correct them. Our goals are simply to achieve good health and restore well-being – safely, effectively, and naturally. You are sure to get great results so long as you adhere to your personalized program.