Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) has been used in Florida for decades. Today, as a type of “New-Age Western Medicine”, its use is gaining popularity across the country. Despite its growth, many patients are reluctant to try it. Why? They claim it’s alternative medicine and question the validity behind it. However most of the skepticism is derived from their lack of understanding.

Practitioners who use NRT look at changes in your neurological reflexes. These help them figure out where the problems are and how they can lessen them. Let’s discuss how NRT is used to diagnose and alleviate the negative symptoms associated with common health issues.


When you start an NRT program, you’ll receive a diagnosis at your initial visit. The practitioner will study your health history, ask you to complete a survey, and will gather as much information as possible about current health problems. They will also ask you detailed questions about your diet. They need to know what you eat and what you drink. They need to know if you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

After the practitioner has all of the information, he will discuss your options, design your nutritional health plan, and will schedule you for a follow-up visit. Usually, the practitioner will send you home with nutritional tips, vitamins, and medicines that will help your body regain strength.


Treatment plans vary, but most last between 4-6 weeks. Recovery will depend the severity of the problem. The patients who realize the most benefits are those who stick as closely as possible to their recommended nutritional program. Those who stray from their instructions or who try to take shortcuts may need many more sessions to realize results.

Can you find nutritional response testing treatment in Miami?

Absolutely! In Miami, many clinics offer nutrition consulting services. It’s not hard to find a holistic nutritionist in Miami. Nutritionists around the city promote nutritional supplementation as a way to boost holistic health. These days, you need holistic healing to get in shape. Gone are the days of your younger years. You can’t take short cuts. You have to take control of your health and make positive, healthy choices.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up, be active, and get your Nutritional Response Testing diagnosis today. Your body will thank you for it.