While a large body of scientific evidence behind Nutrition Response Testing is not yet available, the benefits of a healthy diet are clear.  Nutrition Response Testing does an excellent job at promoting a healthy diet regime.  What is less certain is whether the physical examinations of neurological reflexes can provide relevant information about health of our internal organs. This lack of evidence is what keeps NRT from being more widely used in Western medicine.

What does the science say?

Patients who use Nutritional Response Testing claim they start to see results after only a few weeks of treatment. Clinicians acknowledge that patients’ success will depend on how strictly they stick to their designed clinical nutrition plan. Those who don’t adhere to their diet will struggle.
NRT advocates argue that their treatment plans help your body heal from the inside out, but further scientific evidence is needed to verify these claims. Those who achieve results may benefit from the program, or simply because they began to eat healthier. Removing junk food, unwanted fats, and sugars from your diet is a great idea. Additionally, incorporating vitamins and other nutritional supplements to your meal plan also helps your body maintain homeostasis. The benefits of whole foods and natural ingredients are also widely known, and it’s not a secret that preservatives and food additives are bad for your health.


When you look at the facts, it’s easy to conclude that the healthier food options prescribed in Nutritional Response Testing help the body stay healthy and strong. What’s less obvious is whether NRT’s specific plans are effective because of the physical examinations or if the same results could be realized by following a healthy diet.

Miami Nutritional Response Testing Clinics

Take a walk down South Beach and chances are you’ll see an advertisement for a nutritionist. They’ll promise holistic healing. They’ll guarantee results, but they can’t exercise for you. They can’t make healthy food choices, all they can do is provide you with information. In the end, you’re the one who needs to fight for your holistic health.

Right out of the gate, on your first visit with a holistic nutritionist in Miami, you’ll receive a nutritional response testing diagnosis. The specialist may recommend nutritional supplementation, exercise, and a new diet. You need to eat well to feel well. There are no short cuts. You need to act. You need to find nutrition consulting services. They won’t find you. So, what are you waiting for? Get up, go out, and try nutritional response testing today!