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  • Hi. My name is Frank. I’ve been seeing Dr. Forman since the beginning of February of 2015. I came in with some issues with my stomach, lower abdominal pain, and some vision issues. I’ve been on the program for a couple of months now. Definitely any problems with abdominal and lower pains have gone away.

    — Frank, Miami
  • Hello, my name is Limby, and I’ve been coming to Dr. Forman since June 2nd. Today is the 24th. I was having a lot of problems with stomach, digestion, and hemorrhoids, and a lot of pain. Since I’ve been coming here and following his regime, or regimen, I’ve been feeling a lot better. I don’t

    — Limby
  • So I came into Dr. Forman, and I was not having a good time with my energy at all. Really feeling like I needed to take one to two naps a day. By 8 o’clock at night it just felt like I was going just going to keel over and just really needed to sleep.

    — Anonim
  • Hi. I’m here to share my story with you. I have been under a lot of stress with my mouth and my tongue and I have seen 10 doctors so far since March. Nobody seems to know what I had until I cam to see Dr. Forman, Michael Forman. He does Oriental medicine and he’s

    — Elba, Miami
  • I came to Dr. Forman since march15. And I felt very very tired. I also have thyroid problems. And basically I could not wake up in the morning from my bed. I managed in the time of 4 or 5 months to feel a lot better and now I’m doing my techniques, I don’t get

    — Evie, Miami

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